Two-Way Radios & Scanners for dummies


作者:by H. Ward Silver


出版社:Wiley Publishing, Inc.

出版地:Hoboken, New Jersey

集叢名:--For dummies


ISBN:9780764595820 ; 9780471776093

The book is a survey of all the radio options for the individual, such as short-wave listening, all the different unlicensed radio services (those neat handheld radios you can buy everywhere, for example), Citizens Band and Amateur Radio, marine HF and VHF communications for sailors, aviation radio, public safety, TV-FM-AM DXing, and using a scanner to listen to public safety or at sporting events (air shows, auto races), weather information and other broadcast signals. Each topic includes definitions, operating conventions, equipment availability, licensing (if required), and any special technical information. Also includes instruction on how to use antennas and the electronics and installation required for good results in the home, car, and portably.

  • Glossary(p.345)
  • Index(p.355)