Raspberry Pi for dummies


作者:by Sean McManus, Mike Cook


出版社:John Wiley & Sons

出版地:Hoboken, New Jersey

集叢名:--For dummies


ISBN:9781118904916; 9781118905012

Revised for the release of the Rev3 board, Raspberry Pi For Dummies 2e contains everything the reader needs to know to get up and running on the Raspberry Pi. Written by veteran tech authors Sean McManus and Mike Cook, the book shows you how to: Download and install the Operating System Connect the Raspberry Pi to other devices keyboard, mouse, monitor Learn basic Linux System Admin Install and remove software Use the installed applications Learn to program with Scratch,Python and Minecraft Learn electronics to create simple hardware projects The new edition will also cover Noobs, PiStore and making music with SonicPi. Raspberry Pi For Dummies 2e will be the ideal companion when starting out with the Raspberry Pi.