Raspberry Pi Projects for dummies


作者:by Mike Cook, Jonathan Evans, Brock Craft


出版社:John Wiley & Sons

出版地:Hoboken, New Jersey

集叢名:--For dummies


ISBN:9781118766699 ; 9781118766729

The Raspberry Pi is cheap, fun and programmable, and as such it opens up a whole world of possibilities. Following up on the successful Raspberry Pi For Dummies, Raspberry Pi Projects For Dummies gives you wonderful projects to work on while you learn the great capabilities of this marvellous small computer. You will learn how to program, how to get to grips with computer sysadmin and how to understand computing architecture. Written by Raspberry Pi For Dummies co-author Mike Cook, and a team of experts in the field, the book starts out with a guide to preparing for your project, including assembling the tools youll need, soldering and desoldering, using test equipment, accessing the GPIO (the Pis General Purpose Input/Output port) and then goes on to show you how to: Have fun with LEDs Create a magic light wand Play with a webcam and computer vision Build Raspberry Pi games Enhance the Pis capabilities with LegoTM Directly access Lego sensors Install RISC OS Write programs for the RISC OS And much, much more Raspberry Pi Projects For Dummies will be the ideal companion when you are starting your journey with the Raspberry Pi.